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             Our true web-based system provides you various IT Enabled dental services including Credentialing, Revenue Cycle Management, and various fully automated module support systems for dental practices.
             HIT - EHR MODULES
             We ensure an update of Doctors annual records for participating insurances
             DentaWeb offers many services to help your front office run smoothly and efficiently so that your focus can be on clinical operations instead of tending to clerical duties. Our Revenue Cycle Management offers a variety of services. And Much More...
Reduce Dependency - Increase Efficiency

Dentaweb® is an IT driven company providing innovative, efficient and reliable solutions that give you end-to-end, total Dental Practice management solutions. Leveraging ourselves on proven information, technology, tools, and management processes we relieve the pain and pressure that comes with traditional Dental Practice Management.

The first of its kind, our real-time, web-based, dental practice management solution is hosted on a secure server with a 99% up-time, offering the fastest speeds available. This user-friendly software is designed to enhance patient care and facilitate a streamline work flow. Including customized applications to suit each specific dental practice or dental group’s needs, we take away all the added stress of owning a dental practice or dental group!

We see DentaWeb as leading the nation as the #1 dental practice management company. Our innovative system paired with our unparalleled customer service ensures a unique user friendly experience. Whether you have a single location or you are looking to expand your dental group, DentaWeb can provide all the services you need so that your patients get the focus they deserve.


Quality care for the patients   Quality life for the doctor

Start doing what you love again!

Guaranteed substantial reduction in pressure and dependency on you and your staff, all you have to do is focus on treating your patients! DentaWeb® takes care of everything on the back-end of the office for you. We offer end-to-end services including a web based platform to carrying out all the functions of the Dental practice including the front office, corporate office, and back office functions. Dentaweb offers all the tools needed to keep the Dental practices running effectively and profitably.

DentaWeb® is accessible from any desktop or mobile device through the web-based software so you can schedule appointments, look into patient data, and see your analytics from any desktop or mobile device! Backups and data are not affected by local computers crash and virus infections.

  • First of its kind, real-time, web-based, user-friendly, Dental Practice Management Solution
  • No need for expensive training or vast dependability on your employees
  • No need for expensive networking infrastructure
  • Internet hosted secure server with 99% uptime, assembled to offer faster speed
  • Services are designed to enhance patient care and streamline work pressure
  • Customized applications to suit any dental practice needs
  • Effective Revenue Cycle Management Services






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